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You should enter the Best of Photojournalism Contect

I am the region 9 chair for the National Press Photographers Association.  I am also the chair for the video editing division of the Best of Photojournalism contest.

Our contest is only as strong as it’s participants.  The deadline for entry in the contest is January 24th.  I want to encourage everyone to enter.  I also want you to encourage your co-workers to enter.  Maybe they don’t think their stories are strong enough.  They’ll never know if they don’t submit.

I also want a strong submission for Video Editor Of The Year.  Again, don’t be afraid to put a reel together.  You can’t win if you don’t play.

Shutter Foundry’s Jennifer Castor

Want to find out who is presenting at The Shutter Foundry?  Let’s start with Jennifer Castor.  Jennie works at KMGH in Denver.  Jennie started as a photojournalist for the station.  She since jumped in front of the camera.  Shooting and writing packages just wasn’t enough for Jennie, she writes for the web and is now part of one of the best investigative teams in the country.

Jennifer topic is project management.  She going to explain how she gets it all done.  Shooting, writing packages, reporting, doing live-shots, writing for the web and so much more.  I hope you join Jenny and the rest of the Shutter Foundry staff on May 12th.

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